We are looking for volunteers to help run the group and for new members. 

Please email Jonathon Podolsky at genealogy@podolsky.cc

Our next event will features appointments with research strategists, mentors, and translators. It will be February 4, 2018 at the Springfield JCC. Please sign-up for our e-newsletter for details. We are also seeking experienced researchers and foreign language translators to assist others at events like this; if you are interested, please contact Nina at wmjgs2@gmail.com

Last event was a great success. Thanks to Nolan Altman who spoke on Naming Patterns and the Value of Jewish Cemetery Records.

Jewish genealogy presentation features noted researcher as featured on MassLive.com

We have created a Facebook Group so researchers can post and read messages. www.facebook.com/groups/WMJGS

8 Reasons You Should Consider Joining a Local Genealogical Society: www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_orFUl51U4

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